Actress Jamie Lee Curtis sportting a simple pixie cut. This style is short and spiky. It looks great on her.

Jamie Lee Curtis' simple pixie cut

Jamie Lee Curtis' simple pixie cut

Jamie Lee Curtis' simple pixie cut

Jamie Lee Curtis in her signature short, pixie length hair style.

Jamie Lee Curtis' short, pixie length hair style

Jamie Lee Curtis shows off her beautiful 50 and fabulous face with this short and sassy hair cut. Jamie Lee Curtis proves that a women with gray hair doesn’t have to color it to be beautiful!

Jamie Lee Curtis' short and sassy hair cut


3 Responses to “Jamie Lee Curtis’ short haircut”

  1. 1
    Rohan Says:

    Jamie lee Curtis short hair she should go back to coloring her hair again. Because the brown hair look much better for movies I like the brown hair on her she should do it again brown hair make look good & young for movies.

  2. 2
    missy Says:

    I think she looks great just like that!!!!! This is what growing gracefully is all about!!!! The gray makes her eyes pop out. Not very many women her age can wear their like that. I think it’s better to look young for you age with gray than color, I think it says ” I’m 40ish, or 50ish but I want to like 20ish.”

  3. 3
    trudy Says:

    The whole point is to look great in grey, with sass and pazzazzzzz.
    She is one classy lady! She is beautiful in real life not just made up brown, blonde or what have you for movies.


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